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BC Huselton
833 Mountain Vista Lane
Cary, NC 27519

Phone:  843 384 1975

B.C. Huselton

B.C. is President of Strategic Model Building, an enterprise devoted to increasing clients’ competency in building and effectively using their own intervention models for change.

B.C. operates in a working partnership with The Kantor Institute. He has partnered with Dr. David Kantor in designing, building and field testing Change and Intervention Models using the Kantor's Meta Model for Model Building.

Dr. Kantor is a systems psychologist, clinical researcher, university professor, organizational consultant and the principal founder of Family Systems Therapy.

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B.C. has been a business partner in the development of the Organizational Learning Center at MIT, a member of the Design Team for the creation of the Society for Organizational Learning, Chief Operating Officer of Dia
logos and Co-Founder of Leadership Model Building LLC with Dr. David Kantor.

He has 28 years of extensive international business experience designing and utilizing system dynamics strategies that addressed complex change and transformation. Over the last 14 years (1998-12), BC has focused his business on Leadership and Team Model Building and the development and application of the Kantor Meta - Model for Model Building and Intervention

He has been featured in
The Fifth Discipline Field Book, The Systems Thinker, Fortune, and a variety of news publications. He has appeared in a CNBC Profiles of America Series and PBS television specials addressing the significance of a systemic approach for planning large-scale change.

Learning Links:

These links will introduce to a variety of models that have been illustrated in order to make them more transparent and testable in the field of everyday practice. A vital feature of Model Building is "Constraint." Constraint is the creative tension that is generated between two different theories, methods, approaches or models.
It is both a core principle and an essential practice of Cross Model Conversation. In it, when models disagree on some point of presentation or application, each "pushes back" on the other. Constraint is a powerful creative process that is central to Strategic Model Building.

         Click here to browse Model Illustrated Practice Model covers

I use Models Illustrated to make models more transparent and testable in the field of everyday practice. Helping people "Draw Out" their models permits them see their models more clearly and fully. As a result, people can more consciously notice gaps between what they say they do and what they actually do. They can also address how the model changes when the stakes go up, or realize that they really don't have a model that they can rely on. 

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                   On line - Strategic Model Building - Getting Started

If you want to just "tune up" your model or learn how to get started building a new one, join our next on line program.

                                        Program will include:

1. Identifying your Action Profile Preferences or "APPs"
2. Discovering how your "APPs" impact your performance and the performance of others, and deciding what you want to do about it
3. Introduction of new Learning Content covering Kantor's Structural Dynamics and specifically the Kantor 4 Player Model. Download The 4 Player Model as a System and get a head start "Constraining" this model!
4. An online Field Guide Journal with guidelines for making your Models more visible to you and how to improve their performance in the field
5. Live coaching sessions applying your models to real Strategic Issues = "Learn then Apply" is a vital part of Strategic Model Building. Your model building is for effective action not just effective documentation
6. Team Disabilty Index assessments and how to build your own
7. Common Disabling Archetypes and how to successfully intervene to "Shift" them
8. First Draft of your own Intervention Model
9. Preferred access to our Programs offerred through the

                               Contact us @ 843 384 1975 
         Coming Soon = Download Program Content and Practice Schedule 

Below in the Learning and Practice Center are Models that I have "Illustrated" and / or just noted for their value in my own consulting practice. Those marked DOWNLOAD will come to you as a PDF file. Come back often as I will be constantly adding new Illustrated Models to this page. 

                                   Learning and Practice Center

Posted April 2017

DOWNLOAD = Sample Kantor Behavioral Profile Instrument in Low Stakes / Coming Soon

DOWNLOAD = The Kantor 4 Player Model as a System

DOWNLOAD = The Lewin Change Model

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for a narrative description of this model by Ed Schein 

DOWNLOAD = Teaching Smart People How to Learn

DOWNLOAD = Society for Organizational Learning Change Model

Log on to
www.solonline/pra/tool/concepts.html ) for a complete narrative description of this model 
DOWNLOAD = Team Disability Index and Kantor Action Archetypes

DOWNLOAD = Society for Organizational Learning brief Description 
DOWNLOAD = The Nature of Systems, Intersystems, Developmental and Changing Models by Chin

DOWNLOAD = Noticing, Naming and Embracing the Shadow by Zweig and Abrams

DOWNLOAD = Internal Due Diligence Grid

GO TO = This is not a link. Search R. Ackoff on You Tube and watch his Systems Thinking 1,2, & 3 Videos. They are both informative and entertaining.


Coming Soon = Attributes of a Learning Organization
Coming Soon = The Caldron from the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook
Coming Soon = Connecting Learning with Earning from the System Thinker
Coming Soon = Views of the World by R. Ackoff
Coming Soon = Team Traps by the System Thinker
Coming Soon = The Three Faces of Eden by A. Edmondson

Valued References in building my Models:

Reading the Room---------by Kantor
The Democratic Corporation-----------by R. Ackoff
The Planning of Change----------by Chin, Bennis and Benne
Creating------------by Robert Fritz
The Fifth Discipline------------by Senge
The Fifth Discipline FieldBook-------------by Senge
The Dance of Change-----------by Senge
Aftershock-----------by Buchholz
Meeting the Shadow-----------by Zweig and Abrams
Inside the Family------------by Kantor
My Lover Myself-----------by Kantor
Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together----------by Issacs
Flawed Advice and the Management Trap---------by Argyris
Knowledge for Action-------------by Argyris
System 1-------------by D. Kauffman
Organizational Culture and Leadership-------------by Schein
Human Dynamics----------by Segal and Horne
Evolution of Consciousness-----------by Orenstein
Leadership Model Building Coaching Model------------by Kantor
The Plane Truth About Golf-----------by Hardy...yep, its a Model
BPP Discover by Kantor
SD Cards by Kantor
CHANGEworks by BCH









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